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HACCP is an internationally recognised food safety management system and also plays a large role in all globally recognised food safety management systems like BRC and FSSC 22000. HACCP is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards based on the following seven principles: Principle 1: Conduct a hazard analysis. Slide 20 Module 4.2 – Codex Guidelines for the Application of HACCP HACCP principle 2 Determine critical control points (CCP) Step A point, procedure, operation or stage in the food chain, including raw materials, from primary production to final consumption Critical control point A step at which control can be applied and is essential to prevent or eliminate a food safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level Each stage of HACCP is made up of a series of steps – 12 in all - which need to be completed, in order, before moving on to the next. Below we have given an overview of the 12 steps in the HACCP process.

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There are seven principles used to make up a HACCP plan. Below is an explanation of each step and a HACCP plan example for each step. 1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis. The first step in developing a HACCP plan is to conduct a hazard analysis.

• definition of a Critical Control Point (CCP).

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12 gillar. Operating temperatures up to 50 °C. Power setting in four steps.

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följa lokal lagstiftning och HACCP-metodiken från produktionen till distribution.

Principles of HACCP Model Documents, Helpful Links and Resources; Principle 1 - Conduct a Hazard Analysis. The application of this principle involves listing the steps in the process and identifying where significant hazards are likely to Occur. The HACCP team will focus on hazards that can be prevented, eliminated or controlled by the HACCP plan. 2011-01-15 2021-03-22 steps preceding and following the specified operation. 5. On-site confirmation of flow diagram The HACCP team should confirm the processing operation against the flow diagram during all stages and hours of operation and amend the flow diagram where appropriate.
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HACCP Plan Step 1. The first and, as we have defined for other instances, is to form a good team. But how is a good team? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) the deviation is detected and appropriate steps are taken to reestablish control in a timely manner to assure that potentially hazardous products •State the 7 principles of HACCP and explain their role as the 12 steps of implementation •Prepare Basic Product Information •Complete Forms 1-4 •Transfer input materials and process steps to Forms 5,6 and 7 The HACCP 12 keys steps (and tips on how to implement it) A free guide for Quality Managers so as to help them develop their HACCP plan and manage efficiently all stages of the process. HACCP, based on Codex Alimentarius Principals, suitable for organizations implementing SANS10330:2020, ISO 22000:2018, FSSC 22000 Version 5.1.

2. Describe the food and its method of distribution. 3. Identify the intended use and consumers of the food. 4. steps preceding and following the specified operation.
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•Generally comprised of the owner, a QA manager (often, in small plants, the owner), the plant manager, and someone with no connection to management who works on the floor. It’s best practice to have an uneven number of team members, and they must all complete HACCP training. 2. A review of key prerequisite programs and their role in HACCP 12:00 p.m.

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